Closing thoughts for day one

Why does it seem like most parties aren’t designed with epileptics in mind? Maybe it’s because loud noise and strobe lights are common inducers, not to mention most substances don’t interact we’ll with anti-seizure meds. Hmmmm. The meet and greet was alright tonight but would have been better for me in a softer setting with less stimulation.

I’ll map out my classes tomorrow and try to get a better feel for the campus.

Most importantly: Both my roommate and community assistant (also known as a resident assistant) are filled in about seizure symptom and basic protocol. My biggest fear about college is having new, suspicious reoccurance symptoms or seizures popping up.

In just over two weeks it’ll officially be one full year since my surgery and a whole year of “stable” scans! Still haven’t decided how to celebrate such a huge milestone.

Not sure if it’s an advantage or disadvantage that no one except two people besides my professors (sent them all seizure information) are aware of the surgery. We shall see..