The 6th, 8th, 9th of November, and today have all been seizure spikes. I was too tired and dealing with residual symptoms to write about them until tonight. Each event lasted for up to an hour and a half before serious symptoms started to fully fade, but all left residual effects for days. My right pinky, pointer finger, and forearm remained weak and partially numb/heavy for most of this past week, which was very inconvenient because I had to writing a paper. Three or four seizures a week was a typical, sometimes even a “good” week for me five years ago. Now, more than three or four a month is off the charts.

Three big events in such a short time frame the week before last warranted a chat with my neurologist. I texted her to give me a call (Yes, we text each other!) to discus recent events when she had a minute, which ended being midnight her time. Some doctors work a strict 9 to 5 Monday – Friday and then fall off the grid. My doctor is on-call for her patients anytime, anywhere, any day of the week. She is incredible.

I went to the health center and had labs drawn to check my Keppra and Vimpat levels the week before last – the consensus is that there must not be enough of the two of them in my system, prompting these seizure spikes. There was a fax number mix-up getting the script to transfer out here from Michigan, but the script was eventually received. Now that the old levels are being checked out, my neurologist has added another 100mg of Vimpat. It has been a little over a week since the labs were drawn, but neither my neurologist’s office nor I have received any report in the mail yet. Being the über-patient that I am, I am going to stop by the health center on Monday and track down my results.

I don’t consider these seizures setbacks, but I definitely consider them obstacles. It’s tough keeping a positive attitude when dealing with something that most of my peers are typically unaware of, but I will continue to “dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dive” around anything thrown my way. I’m an underdog, and it’s my job to rise to the occasion. I do what I have to do to create as close to a level playing field as possible for myself.

chart snapshot

Symptoms are numbered 1-5 in order the of when they presented. Boxes are blank if symptoms did not present in those areas.

Here’s to improvement. The less seizures, the better. I’m awaiting the lab results and then we’ll go from there.