First College Mishap

I thought I was being bold by playing on the intramural flag football league here on campus, but I ended up being bloody. Last night I was part of a collision during the fourth play of my team’s first practice. With my medical luck, the collision was in the general vicinity of where I had brain surgery. The CT scan came back fine..phew. The PA said that the fist 12-24 hours could be a period of heightened seizure activity, but 24 hours have now passed so hopefully I’m in the clear! I slept in my community assistant’s room so that someone would be right there in case of an emergency (my suitemate and I have a bathroom + two walls separating us). It’s also reassuring that I have one of my every-four-month MRI scans in another week or two so my neurosurgeon can take a look at my precious noggin soon anyways.

Welp, five stitches later and the gash barely peaks out from my eyebrow. Phew! It looked A LOT worse before the stitches. I’ll get them out on Saturday and then my eyebrows will be back to their glorious form. An attending med student stopped by to take a look and I could tell he was prepping to do the stitches himself. I casually asked him why he went into medicine (he appeared to be in his mid-thirties and a bit past the typical med student’s prime), and he told me he used to be a family therapist on the East Coast and simply wanted a change. I quickly asked who would be doing the stitches and then requested for the PA to stitch me up instead. In my mind, PAs are doctors who just get paid less. Always speak up as a patient to ask for the best treatment possible! Patient advocacy at its finest.

I’ve been nauseous and with headache throughout the day, but things could be way worse! The headache associated with this collision is nothing compared to my usual headaches so that’s a relief. This headache is probably a 2 or 3/10 as opposed to my usual 6 or 7/10. I skipped my English class this morning and then went to my physics lecture/lab in the afternoon.


I’d say that I maybe I should have joined a fantasy football league instead, but in all honesty I would have hated that! I love competition, especially in the sporting arena. We had our first game tonight and got mercied, but we’ll improve! We can only go up from here. I plan on bringing a white board to draw plays and shouting out quotes from Friday Night Lights during next week’s game.