I don’t even remember how many meetings I had yesterday, that’s how busy the day was! By the time dinner rolled around I was exhausted and rested in bed for a while. A couple of guys on my floor asked me to join them for dinner but I opted to stay and rest for a bit longer. I did however put in a request for chocolate milk and vanilla gelato (to make a milkshake) upon their return. 

When they delivered my order they asked why I seemed so tired. In two sentences I shared the shortest brain tumor explanation I’ve ever given, and their response was silence. After a few moments I casually redirected the question to asking what they were up to for the rest of the night, prompting a serenade for the next hour. One of the guys from up the hall grabbed his guitar, sat on my ladder (which I use to climb up and into bed) and sang a variety of songs – all while I was cozily curled up in bed! It was so wonderful. Five people eventually gathered in my dorm room and we even drew a crowd outside in the hallway because of the incredible singing and guitar playing. I was so glad that I told two of my floormates, or anyone for that matter, about my energy challenges. It made me feel less “alone” in a way.

Today was packed with even more meetings than yesterday, and they were in the early morning too. After the first two within the teachers college all of the freshman from various majors were supposed to head over to the football stadium and sit with their respective colleges. I had nearly fallen asleep in the first two meetings, a clear sign that I needed to snooze more, so I snuck back to my dorm for a wonderful three hour nap. All of the freshman on campus were wearing the same t-shirt we had been given to wear to the stadium, I pulled a James Bond and quickly changed my shirt in a nearby bathroom so that I didn’t get spotted for missing the giant pep rally/meeting.

I did my first college load of laundry today..wahoo! None of the machines exploded so I’d say the mission was a successful. 

Tomorrow is the last day of welcome week, so I’ll probably be posting on more of a weekly basis rather than a day-to-day summary once my classes start on Thursday. I’ll keep updating the site regardless.