Disability Resource Center

Today I went to a meeting at the Disability Resource Center on campus. I felt at home amongst all of the other students with visible and invisible illnesses. Half of the people there “looked” just like me – no visible cues to distinguish us from the rest of the college students. Although we looked “the same” as everyone else, there was an unspoken understanding that we all weren’t the same as the other students here on campus.

I learned that students aren’t required to tell their teachers the reason for their registration with the disability resource center…whoops! I sent an email to all of my professors explaining my accommodations and why I needed them last week. I didn’t realize that professors are obligated to follow confidentiality agreements and whatnot about students who are registered with the disability resource center. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if the extra email information works for or against me.

There was an organizations and club fair today where I signed up for the neuroscience society. Yes, that’s a real thing here. They discuss TED talks and even have neurologists come in as guest speakers! Eerily, their first meeting of the year is the same day and my one year cranioversary. I signed up for the ultimate frisbee team as well as community service related groups as well.

School starts tomorrow morning…here I go.