A Dignified Death

I came across an article about this woman earlier today:

My initial response after watching that video was that that could have been me. This could be me. I respect her. I worry that I could be her one day. Regardless, I have a tremendous amount of respect for this woman for living and dying on her own terms. We had the same diagnosis, a grade II Astrocytoma. But I’m still here and am stable two years later. She had 10 weeks of stability and then her tumor transformed into Glioblastoma. When I hear stories like this and I am shocked. Part of me thinks about this possibly eventual diagnosis for myself, and the other part of me wants to think that now that the tumor has been removed I’m in the clear for the rest of my life (tell that to my seizure meds and MRI machines..)

What would you do if you were her? Would you opt for a dignified death such as this, or would you choose another surgery, chemo, radiation, and or a clinical trial? My response when I asked myself that question was to do what this woman was doing. But then, I changed my mind. So I’m not sure. Take some time and reflect about your life today please. What are you grateful for? Do you feel fulfilled with your life? I know that I do.

Update: Not yet.

Update Part II: Brittany Maynard took the prescribed medication to end her life comfortably, and at home with her family, on November 3rd, 2014. The right-to-death debate conversation continues.