Drawing, painting, photography, mixed media, etc. have always all been a source of relaxation for me at one time or another. This page features my work with occasional other brain related work that I come across. Featured work will be denoted and captioned as such.

I captured the following set of photos while in Montana for Camp Make-A-Dream, brain tumor edition. These individuals exhibit infinite perseverance and wisdom.


This badass scar looks more like neck muscle than the result of Medulloblastoma. The owner is one of the most calm and positive people I have ever known. He goes to the gym every single day, working to gain complete strength and balance back that surgery, chemo, and radiation took away.


Grade II/III Rosette Forming Glioneuronal Tumor of the Fourth Ventricle, located on her brain stem. Surgery removed some but not all of it. MRIs of her brain and spine can last up to six hours, every six months. She plans to be the first woman on Mars and taught herself how to play chess at four years old. 

IMG_1002 IMG_1001

Diagnosed in middle school. It’s hard to measure up to this guy’s sports knowledge and high-ropes course expertise.


The visible aftermath of brain stem tumors. I am proud to call these two hooligans friends.

z4 z7z8z9

Three guys with three completely different personalities. All had brain tumors. They’re still standing and cracking jokes.

Game Changer

Pencil drawing of Eric’s MRI before surgery for a golf-ball sized Meningioma between his brain steam and cerebellum

321 (resonance)

Three different views of Resonance, my favorite brain-inspired creation. Speaks volumes about my two neurosurgeries


5×4 brain sheet of brain MRI slices water colored to highlight a tumor (not my brain MRI slices but my highlighting)


 The single slice piece is from my MRI, created with sharpie

984 (forever a grandma)

The three projects above were created with water color, x-rays, and hand-made light boxes. The first and second photos are of a piece that received a national gold medal at Carnegie Hall in Spring 2013.

50 staples held my head together for a month until the scar was closed enough to recover on its own. Gotta love selfies.

Modeling my 50 Staples


4 thoughts on “Artwork

  1. Holy holy. I have to tell you that even at 2 years out – I got queasy looking at these pics….I have the chills. Shows you how much I’ve healed I guess, huh. I recall my mom wanting to take pics and I let her take one before surgery but I don’t think she did after I awoke from the 13 hour surgery….I was too beat up for one, I suppose. I do have some scar ones tho. 🙂

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