A running list of articles, features, interviews etc. related to #btsm and other involvement with the brain tumor community.

May 2017: How Social Media, Hashtags, and Dedicated Advocates Are Shaping The Brain Tumor Community via The National Brain Tumor Society

February 2017: Warrior Wednesday via Stupid Cancer

July 2016: BTSM Provides a Sense of Community for Patients With Brain Tumors via Cure Forward

July 2016: Episode #391: Hashtag Communities via Stupid Cancer Radio Show

May 2016: Just Talking Podcast via Christopher Snider

May 2015: The brains behind a Twitter success: how two brain tumor survivors are connecting with patients via a hashtag via Brain Tumour Magazine: World Edition 2015

February 2015: My Brain Tumor Deserves A Hashtag: The Third Spaces Of Online Coping via The University of Colorado Boulder’s Center for Media, Religion and Culture

January 2015: Announcing Stanford MedicineX ePatient Program Delegates for 2015 via Stanford Medicine X

December 2014: “How Social Media Helps Young People With Cancer” via US News

July 2014: #BTSM Chat: Patients and Caregivers Discuss What They’d Like to See Addressed in New Treatments via National Brain Tumor Society


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