Gearing Up

In two weeks, I’ll be at Stanford University for the Health Care Innovation Summit, immediately followed by Stanford Medicine X.

My goals here are to gain as much knowledge from as many different attendees as possible. I want it all. I’ll be live tweeting throughout the entire conference in order to share what I’m learning with the rest of the online advocacy community. I’ll be especially concerned with psychosocial issues and environmental psychology between individuals and their physical settings. I want to know what physicians, researchers, and technologists have to say about patients and their medical environments, ie. the realms of control, privacy and social interaction, personal space, and comfort and safety. When I say control, I really mean the lack of control that patients have in a typical medical context. What does patient disempowerment mean, and how can we modify that experience to improve it?

What are patients and health care teams doing to combat loneliness, helplessness, and boredom in the hospital? Those are all things that I experienced during my stays in the hospital, and those are all challenges that I will work to address as a Child Life Specialist in the future. I’m curious to see how suggestions for adult patients might transfer over into the pediatric realm, because these are problems for chronic patients of all ages. I have the patient perspective, but what do physicians see as cooperative care? What do they see as the best involvement of nonmedical participants? Clearly our visions aren’t the same, or else we wouldn’t still be on different pages. So what are their ideas, and how can we turn us vs. them into a “we”?

I’ll be giving my talk about self-identity, gender, and their impact on whole-person health as part of the Medicine X core Misconceptions and Misperceptions theme at 4:10pm PST on September 25th. I encourage you all to use the hashtag #MedXgender when tweeting about my talk leading up to, during, and afterwards to keep everyone in the loop of the same conversation. My talk will be directly followed by the Misconceptions and Misperceptions panel, which will run for an hour. I am very excited to be joined by four fascinating individuals as other participants, as well as an experienced moderator. I’ve always found these panels to be interesting in the previous years that I’ve followed Med X, as they give panel participants a forum to discuss experiences, share opinions, and to collaborate in real-time in front of an audience. These panels are also where I’ve seen Twitter light up the most during sessions, inciting some of the most meaningful dialogue online, sometimes even facilitating Oprah “ah-ha” moments for those tuning in from home. And, who doesn’t love Oprah?

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