Two Year Scan

Now I can say without question that my brain has been stable and without a recurrence for two years! I waited three weeks to hear back from Dr. B, but when I did, I was relieved to read “no new enhancement or signals around the resection cavity.” Many of my friends who have been diagnosed with brain tumors experienced recurrences within the first two years of their surgeries, so for me, remaining stable for two years is huge.

The longer it takes for me to hear back about the results, the more my mind wanders. I had the entire rest of the year planned out in the chance if the scan showed a recurrence after waiting three long weeks. I pictured myself biking to the nearby CVS to pick up a prescription of Temodar, an oral chemotherapy pill used to treat brain tumors. I wondered if I would still be energized enough to bike to class, or if I would have to call campus services to utilize one of their golf carts that transports people with leg injuries around campus. I wondered if it would still be safe for me to live alone while starting chemo. I had a nightmare about the dreaded mouth sores that some people get while on chemo. I pretended that I wouldn’t have to do radiation in combination with chemo, because that wouldn’t fit well into my class schedule. I thought out so many details that no one should ever have to think about, yet 688,000+ people do every day. This is just another day of my life in college post-craniotomy.

The new plan is to have my scans take place every 6 months now. See you in March, giant magnet!

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