April #BTSM Chat – Compiling Online Best Practices for Physicians

April’s #BTSM chat focused on compiling online best practices for physicians, and we were lucky enough to have Dr. Matt Katz, who I previously mentioned after March’s #BTSM Chat, serve as the physician representative for the night.

  • T1: What advice would you give a doctor about engaging with patients online?
  • T2: HOW can physicians use email, Twitter, Facebook, and video chats to interact with patients, especially those who live far away?
  • T3: What types of doctor blogs, tips for patients, etc. would you like to see online as patients/caregivers/friends/family, and why?

HIPPA came up time and time again throughout the chat. Two emerging tools to facilitate HIPAA compliant tracking/communication other than email were brought up: Healthy Platform and MDCapsule. Healthy Platform’s cancer app is essentially Caring Bridge with more detailed information about a patient’s condition and instructions for how to help them, and MDCapsule serves as a personalized web page for a patient’s physicians to see all of the patient’s health information across separate offices and conditions in one single place. If you have used either of these tools, I would be very interested in hearing your feedback.

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