National Brain Tumor Society 2014 Phoenix Walk

This past Saturday was the National Brain Tumor Society‘s 2014 Phoenix Walk. There were 1,300+ people in attendance and the event raised $126,000 towards research run by the NBTS. The Liz Army‘s face was plastered on a banner to represent the voice of survivors and patient advocates. I sent her a text with a selfie as evidence. I really liked the set up of the event – well organized tents with clear and simple banners. I was joined by two close friends who were surprised that I was even awake enough to walk. I got up at 5:55am to get at the event early and help out – I hadn’t been awake that early since I took the ACT. I was able to talk with the woman running the event and disperse #btsm handouts too, which will hopefully provide a new support system for those in attendance.


All of the survivors stood on stage for a few minutes and took photos. It was easy to identify other survivors for the most part because we were all given gray t-shirts to wear. I was a bit disappointed that there were not many adolescent/young adult survivors present, though. I wasn’t able to interact with all of the other survivors who were in attendance because I tired out after 3/4 of the walk and left early to rest. This walk was comprised of the largest brain tumor population that I had come in contact with at an event, and I’m glad that I was able to attend.


I’ve had more headaches and seizures recently, so that’s all for now.

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