March #BTSM Chat – Traveling

This month’s #btsm (brain tumor social media) chat theme explored the impact that brain tumors have on traveling.

  • T1: What type of accommodations do you request while traveling or once you arrive at your destination?  

– T1 continued: How have people typically responded to your or a loved one’s accommodations?

  • T2: Have you run into any unforeseen complications due to medical conditions while traveling? If so, how did you handle them?
  • T3: How have your experiences been when forced to cancel due to medical issues?

– T3 continued: Some airlines, bus + ticket companies offer insurance tickets. @Cangela25 can shed more light on the issue if you’d like to follow-up

We were joined by Dr. Matt Katz (@subatomicdoc), a radiation oncologist, and regular social media chat participant last night. As always, I am grateful that a physician takes the time outside of his work schedule to learn more about the lives and challenges of his patients.


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