OMG! 2014 Stupid Cancer Summit – Voices Against Brain Cancer Sponsorship

I’ve been interesting in attending an OMG! Cancer Summit for a couple of years now, but have never attended. This conference, hosted by Stupid Cancer, is a fantastic opportunity for hundreds of young adult cancer survivors ages 39 and under to connect with each other. There’s really nothing else quite like this event in the entire world. I didn’t see much point in going though, when the brain tumor community wasn’t represented by more than about a dozen attendees. Then I realized that waiting around for someone else to bring this event’s attention to the brain tumor community wasn’t going to make much happen. Voices Against Brain Cancer is sponsoring me to attend the OMG! 2014 Cancer Summit on behalf of the brain tumor community.

It’s paramount that the voice of the brain tumor community is not just heard, but understood too. Just because our ribbon color (gray) isn’t as pretty as pink doesn’t mean that we should be ignored in mainstream media. The brain tumor population needs one unified resource for information, support, and a sense of community, and maybe Voices Against Brain Cancer can fill this void. There are certainly national organizations that conduct research and hold annual walks to raise funds for that research, however, there isn’t an organization looking to support the patients themselves. I’m hoping to spread the word about #btsm chats while I’m at the summit and run into other young adult brain tumor patients, survivors, and advocates.

Do you feel obligated to advocate for your minority community? I do.

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