Class Discussion

One of my classes both this (part II) and last semester is comprised of 24 students. Last semester my classmates as a whole were relatively quiet, and I could jump in the conversation at any time to participate. I have a new set of classmates this semester who are much more active in discussions than the previous ones, prompting the professor to moderate discussions and call on individuals rather than the class maintaining an open, free conversation. This new format makes the conversation jump quicker from one idea to the next, leaving little time for contemplation once a new topic is brought up – either you say whatever first comes to mind, or you remain silent. And by you, I mean me.

I’ve tried writing out my thoughts as full sentences to best articulate them before sharing, both ahead of time and in class. The problem is, by the time I write out what I want to say, it has already been said. I was beat to two of my textual references in class today, which is still better than the five from a meeting last week. I received a 5/10 for participation on the day that I had six claims to make, but could only share one of them because of the time it took to scribe them. Yet, I received a 10/10 today for asking miscellaneous questions, and sharing half-complete thoughts because I didn’t have the time to write them out quick enough in class. My comments and ideas worth sharing sound so much better when I take the time to write them out and complete the idea prior to sharing. Unfortunately, I don’t think that I will be able to share my thoughts the best that I could during this class due to the group’s conversational pace. 

It’s not a matter of preparation ahead of class time, because I do that, I think that it’s just a matter of working memory delay. Blame it on the brain tumor (…but actually)

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