A Piece of Paper

I came across a folded up piece of paper today while cleaning out a drawer in my room. This wasn’t just any piece of paper..it was the piece of paper. The piece of paper that kickstarted my hunt for a neurosurgeon. The piece of paper divided into four equal quadrants responsible for different categories of questions for doctors.

I wrote on this piece of paper during my first consult with a neurosurgeon sometime in the late spring or early summer of 2012 when I was first told that my brain tumor had grown. I’m almost coming up on two years since that day. It feels like a lifetime ago.

Excerpts from the piece of paper read:

  • “Stable by no means”
  • “Watch & wait -> chemo & radiation down the road”
  • “Average 10-12 years from diagnosis to grade 3”
  • “Take the risks today for tomorrow’s benefits”
  • “Risks will never be = to or less than they are today”
  • “Time is on our side”

I feel the need to keep and preserve this piece of paper because one day it will be ancient relic..a thing of the past. I’ve gotten rid of all other hospital based items including scrubs, socks, and t-shirts besides a couple of bracelets from monumental surgeries.


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