2013 was all about:

  • My scans
  • My surgery
  • My college acceptance letter
  • My [ongoing] recovery
  • My reintegration
  • My seizures
  • My medications
  • My appointments
  • My ability to attend college

2014 will still involve almost all of the above. In preparation for the year I have:

  • Located an MRI center close to campus
  • Familiarized myself with a local hospital (whoops)
  • Sent scripts to the Walmart pharmacy across the street
  • Scheduled most 2014 appointments already
  • Recognized that sleep is the key to a seizure-free life (I’ll get there one day)

My hope is that 2014 will feature less flashbacks and bring more laughter to the table.

My 2014 brain tumor related plans are up in the air right now. I don’t have a set focus just yet. I could lobby with NBTS (completely uncharted territory). I could fundraise (eh..been there, done that). I could technically work in a research lab (18+..but science..). I could do a lot of things. I will do my best to continue to keep #btsm chats up and running.

There is one thing that I can guarantee for 2014: I will continue to let my roommate clean the bathroom. She does it because she knows that I won’t. 

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