Serial Imaging – 4 month MRIs

The visit is the same every time. I head down to ground level and down a fluorescent tunnel you’d usually see at the zoo. I am greeted by the same XXL scrubs. I enter the same empty waiting room. Only twice have there ever been other patients inside. The same desk attendant asks if we know each other from somewhere and I explain that I’ve been there dozens of times before. She remembers and smiles to herself.

I am led to the same 3T MRI chamber. There is a little red chair in the corner for parents to sit if their child needs extra comfort inside the room. The same perfect ear plugs are offered – I use the same brand for test taking. Then, there’s the face cage. It snaps on easily, but not until giving a bit of resistance with its sturdy frame. Sponges are placed through the sides to keep my head locked in. Lulling waves wash over me as the table slides back into the machine. The machine gives off noises louder than Miley Cyrus and her wrecking ball on a construction site. I like the consistency.

I usually fall asleep in the machine quickly but this time was different. I stayed awake the entire time which was a shame. I’m not claustrophobic, but I prefer to sleep through the scans and not have the memory. Another scan added to the collection of dozens.

I collected two copies of the scan afterwards as always. I popped the disc into my computer and everything looked ok. Not bad by any means, just odd. There weren’t any bright white spots, but it just seemed like there was more grey hanging out in the cavity. My last MRI was crystal clear, which is why this one looked kind of strange. Although I see some of the same markers between these two scans, it is very difficult to have two exact images for comparison, especially when they are from two different machines. Not to mention that I’m not a doctor hahah. Who knows, the gray twirls could simply be scar tissue.

The package should arrive at UCSF on Thursday. I should get the results back within the next two weeks.

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