Neuro Visit + Upcoming MRI

I saw my neurologist earlier this week. Even though the number of seizures decreased in September and October, I still had the same number of them in August as I did in November after a medication increase. Numbers: 4, 3, 2, 4. We discussed adding more Keppra or a third medication because of the numbers. I am not in favor of adding more meds because Keppra makes me extremely fatigued, and I also don’t want to add a third medication at the start of a new semester with unknown side effects. We decided to continue my current Vimpat + Keppra combination for now and see what December and January bring number wise and go from there.

She also told me about Todd’s Paralysis, which is what I experience for a day or two after my seizures. Sometimes it’s just nice to have a name for an actual condition to know that whatever is going on is a “real” thing.

I had a lot of trouble with car rides stirring up nausea after surgery, before I went to college. I wasn’t traveling in the car very much at all during the past semester, so I had forgotten about the problem. We visited family who live about 30 to 45 minutes away last night and the car ride was pretty bad. I felt sick for most of the night. Yuck. The experience stirred up memories about cab rides in San Francisco.

My next MRI is in one week on December 27th.  We’ll drop off hats and other resources for the center’s library as usual. This will be my one year and four month scan since surgery. It’s a few weeks early, but this way I can have it done when I’m at home rather than rushing around to get it done while I’m back at college. For the first time in over a year I actually don’t feel that nervous!

4 thoughts on “Neuro Visit + Upcoming MRI

    • A local group of elderly women who meet and knit in my area started making hits for me to bring downtown every time I have a scan once they realized that many patients do not have their own.

  1. Not sure if it will help. I had nausea for awhile, but a technique my NPT showed me helped. Steps are: 1) Sit up straight 2) Tuck chin in towards your chest almost like you’re trying to make a double chin. It’s not necessary to overdo it. Tuck your chin in just enough until you can feel the muscles on the back of you neck stretch a bit. 3) Breathe calmly. This not only helped my nausea, but also with my headaches as well.

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