One Semester Down

I am done with my first semester of college!

Finals went as expected. I always figure that if I work hard enough during the year then finals won’t be as stressful or nearly as GPA impactful, which has proved correct over the past five years. Earning a 3.8 GPA one year and three months after undergoing brain surgery isn’t too shabby.

I almost dropped a class at the start of the year but ended up sticking with it. My concern was that I wouldn’t be able to process the work well enough to complete quality papers. I ended up doing just fine! Phew.

I had a few health concerns this semester, but nothing out of the ordinary. Just some casual head trauma, mono diagnosis, and seizure spike activity..

I have stopped wearing my medical alert bracelet. Something that I acquired to have a better sense of security had started to make me actually worry more. The bracelet gets in the way when I type and I have to stop to adjust it, and that adjustment is just another reminder of surgery. I am still trying to remember and live like I am a person, not a byproduct of an operation. I feel more powerful without the bracelet, for now anyways.

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