December #BTSM Chat – Disclosure

This month’s #btsm (brain tumor social media) chat theme focused on brain tumor disclosure. Below are the topics we discussed.

  • T1: How have you disclosed your or another’s experience with a brain tumor to friends, extended/new family, in the workplace etc.? 
  • T2: How has your disclosure method and comfort level in sharing information changed over time?
  • T3: How do you feel after disclosing information? What makes you feel more or less empowered?

Patients, survivors, caregivers, physicians, family, and friends all weighed in and expressed a common consensus that disclosure overall really depends on the situation and setting.

Once again, participants expressed their appreciation for #btsm chats and the presence of the brain tumor social media community at large – I love knowing that #btsm chats make a difference.



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