TEDxTeen 2014 Speaker Application Submission

I have always enjoyed watching TED talks, regardless of the subject matter. They produce brilliant ideas, introduce new ways of thinking, share stories, and project challenges.

After watching my friend Liz share her story at TEDxSacramento, I realized that these talks weren’t just for highly accredited and acclaimed researchers. Then, after watching Jack Andraka in action for his first TED talk, and again as the keynote at MEDx, it really hit me that teenagers with a message could give them too. THEN, I discovered that there was a TEDx specifically for teenagers to share their stories and ideas. Enter TEDxTeen.

I submitted a speaker application this afternoon proposing a talk that focuses on patient and self-advocacy. Both are crucial, and essentially one in the same. My hope is to represent the brain tumor community and e-patients at large.

This year’s TEDxTeen theme is about the ‘crazy’ ones. “Who are the ‘crazy’ ones? They are the ones who follow their hearts, the ones who dare to believe dreams are real, the ones who make the impossible, possible. They go where no one has gone before – not without fear but despite fear.”

That description is fitting of an empowered patient.


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