College vs. Health: Can Both Win?

I don’t know if I’m supposed to push past my health or not. If I spend most of my time focusing on my health, then my work is sub par. If I spend most of my time on my work, then my health depletes (cough and I end up getting mono cough). There isn’t one clear answer.

Do I put my health challenges aside while in class and address them later? 

I was sitting in the middle of my toughest class last night when my right hand, arm, and leg started to feel heavy (the hallmark of my seizures). As I sat there and contemplated what to do, I realized that although I had two choices, it really only felt like I had one. I could have gotten up and left the room to head back to my dorm and sleep; Instead, I remained seated. If I left class every time I felt the warning signs of a seizure, I would leave class all of the time out of fear, and I can’t pass a class with spotty attendance. As time went on my symptoms lessoned, and I ended up earning a 10/10 for discussion points – a feat I’ve only managed to achieve three other times this semester. I always seem to rebound from..just about anything, a champ.

I’m not sure if I’ll continue to look past symptoms while in class. Attendance and participation are necessities, but aren’t my misfiring synapses too?

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