Health Update

Yesterday was one of the most physically painful days of my life. It definitely ranked among the top three. My glands were so swollen that I could barley eat or drink anything and I spent the day in bed trying to sleep and escape the pain. Icing my glands did help to a small degree at least. I decided that I needed to get up at least once during the day, so I checked my mail. I received two glorious packages from friends, one filled with halloween candy, and the other with assorted popcorn and chocolate. I plan on hoarding them all until my throat feels better.

After suffering throughout the day, my primary care physician was kind enough to phone in Prednisone at night once we stopped playing phone tag. I thought I could make it over to the Walmart across the street to pick up the meds by myself, but I was wrong. I was waiting at the pharmacy after having purchased some apple sauce and felt a heat wave rush over me out of nowhere. All of the sudden my vision turned to black spots and I managed to stumble outside (the pharmacy is right inside the enter/exit doors) and into a chair at a nearby patio table. I sent out a friend 911 text and had several rush over to help me in a matter of minutes, which was greatly appreciated. I sat at the table eating apple sauce for a while until we all walked back to my dorm. I am so grateful for friendship.

Just like any other condition I’ve managed to acquire over the past eighteen years, it is very hard for my peers to understand the limits surrounding and toll that each ailment takes. Sometimes people just forget that not everyone has the same physical capabilities. It is what it is. I bounce back from each and every one of my challenges, it just takes time. Back surgery at 16, brain surgery at 17, and now mono at 18. I wonder if there’s a world record for whatever this is that my body is doing..


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