I went back to the health center yesterday for fear that strep throat had sent in special forces for round two. Andddd it turns out that I do indeed have strep for the second time in one month. It also turns out that I have mono. Uh-oh.

I can’t say that I’m too surprised though. Surprised about mono specifically, yes. Surprised about having some sort of medical hurdle, no. I’m always “sick” to some degree. Me being “healthy” is everyone else’s being “sick.” As odd as this may sound, I don’t really mind being “sick” because sickness is my “healthy.” The definitions of “sick” and “healthy” are arbitrary anyways. Regardless, I’d rather be the one to feel like this than someone else. Except for this sore throat..someone else can take this sore throat.

I had been waking up sore towards the top of my stomach for about a week, which makes sense now (enlarged spleen). The sensation didn’t feel like a sore muscle and felt more internal, but I was just attributing it to a strain from a bowel movement or something like that..whoops. I had been feeling tired for a while now too, but I just figured that I wasn’t getting enough rest or as much as I was used to having before college. Once again, whoops. This was the third mono test the health center has run on me in the past two months – They kept running blood work when I would go in for my sore throat, but I guess the third mono test is the charm.

I have a hunch that I was exposed to the mono virus through a cup or utensil in the dining hall. When I was in the health center last month the doctor told me that she had just diagnosed someone with mono in the room next to me and that it had started to spread around campus. Who knows what else is being spread around campus through the dining halls with 60,000+ students…

Sigh. Once this strep throat goes away, again, I should be ok. Rest rest rest and fluids. That’s what everyone has been telling me. Let me know if you have any more suggestions!

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