I took the wrong pills this morning for the first time since starting college.

I accidentally snagged my night-time seizure meds instead of my day-time combo. Luckily, the only real difference was taking an extra Keppra (which I now only take at night) in combination with my usual Vimpat. I thought I would feel wiped out during the day because of the med mix-up, but surprisingly I’ve felt more energized and focused. The effects are counterintuitive, seeing as I took more seizure meds this morning, and seizure meds typically make patients groggy.

Helpful medication tip: pick a day to sort out your pills for the week and stick with that day as a refill routine. If you’re taking several different medications, use a weekly medication container so that each time slot is easy to grab-and-go when you need them.

It’s worth noting that I did end up with symptoms associated to the medication mishap. Spells of a common side effect associated with Keppra, the “Kepprage,” hit me for about two days following the double dose of Keppra. I maintained my schedule of taking Keppra at night the same day that I accidentally took it in the morning, which meant doubling my Keppra levels.

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