Monthly #BTSM Chats


Monthly #btsm chats were mentioned at the National Brain Tumor Society’s 2013 Summit! The Liz Army was honored with the Community Leadership Award at the event this past week, and used the opportunity to mention #btsm (brain tumor social media) chats. *HUGE*. The more participants we have for each chat, the greater our reach spreads, and the more people affected by brain tumors we can help. By help, I mean that more people within the brain tumor community can share resources with each other, share insight into treatment options and effects, recommend facilities, provide support, learn to advocate etc.


Check it out: Liz threw the chat logo up on the screen at the National Brain Tumor Society’s 2013 Summit!

In case anyone missed the memo via Twitter through the #btsm hashtag: As of this month, #btsm chats are the first Sunday of each month rather than every Sunday of the month. That means tomorrow (10/5) is the chat for the month of October. From a personal standpoint, it’s much more manageable to facilitate a monthly chat in the midst of my first year of college. More importantly, the monthly chat format will hopefully draw more participants for a once-a-month commitment instead of the formerly more demanding weekly draw.

Remember: you can always submit chat themes and topics via DM to @Cblotner_. Help us encourage dialogues with themes that reach a wider range of topics!

As a quick recap: I created and co-moderate the  #btsm (brain tumor social media) Twitter chat the first Sunday of each month at 7PST/10EST. The chat is a way for anyone affected by a brain tumor to share experiences, voice their opinions about healthcare, medication, side effects, social change, doctors, nurses, caregivers, and anything and everything in-between. Join us!

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