First Full Week

I made it! This was my first full week of classes..what a doozy. I felt pretty overwhelmed after the first day but now I’m falling into a better routine. I’ve attended four different club meetings and ‘ll probably commit to two or three.

Some observations:

I take anti-seizure meds in morning and night (Vimpat both times, Keppra just at night) and I’ve found myself smuggling the pills into my backpack and bashfully taking them at breakfast. I’m not embarrassed that I take pills, it’s more so that I don’t notice many other people taking them with breakfast. I head to class right after I eat breakfast and have to take them with food, so it just makes the most sense to take them while eating. Just an observation…

My sleep habits are starting to change here. Typically I’d go to bed around 11pm and wake up around 10am. Here, I go to bed anywhere between 10:30pm and 12:30am. From time to time there’s some sort of ruckus taking place in the halls that keeps me up. If the noise is for an entertaining cause, then I don’t mind. The duct tape sword fighters are always hilarious to watch.

I’ve found myself having memory flashbacks with word association once again. I experienced a flashback in one form or another almost every day for about six months but they had slowly wound down to one every month. I’ve had two in the past week though. Argh! Certain words like density remind me of particular medical reports or experiences. They’re inconvenient because they distract me from class lectures while my mind goes on a walk down memory lane.

Solid communication:

One of my English classes within the honor’s college has been described as “the hardest class students take” in their four years here. I met with the professor and explained that thinking on the spot is difficult for me, and we came to an unspoken agreement that he wouldn’t call on me unless my hand was raised. We’ve had two classes so far, and so far so good.

Enjoy your labor day weekend!

3 thoughts on “First Full Week

  1. Glad things are going well! I totally understand your pill smuggling. I don’t like advertising my meds, either. It’s to bad because people take pills for all kinds of things: allergies, diabetes, arthritis, etc. Nothing to be ashamed of, yet it feels strange to pop pills publicly. Totally get it.

    SO glad you talked to your prof ahead of time! It took me time to figure that out. Much better to connect with them right away. Waiting until you’re overwhelmed doesn’t look as good. YAY for understanding profs!

    Love that there are duct tape duelers in your hall. HA! Now I’m having college flashbacks. 😉 Speaking of which, i hope your word association thing fades out so you can focus.

    Not sure if you’re already doing this, but maybe a therapist (psychologist) could help you learn some strategies to deal with that and everything else. I started seeing one my 1st year in college and she’s helped me through many, many major life events with simple things like breathing exercises, relaxation music, etc. etc. I’m convinced working with her was a major factor in my speedy recovery. Just something to consider, if you’re not doing that already. I swear by it! 🙂

    Hope you’re feeling more and more comfortable! Freshman year was hardest in terms of adapting, then it was smoother sailing after that. 🙂


  2. I absolutely love hearing your perspective on life. I stumbled upon this blog through a friend who has had similar experiences. Already subscribed to all your new posts. Great! You are changing my perspective daily 🙂

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