Getting Started

So far I’ve had one English, physics, and math class. I’m looking forward to my English class getting off the ground. Part of the class includes analyzing blogs and creating a blog about the reading we do..who would have thunk!

My physics class seems like it’ll pose a bit of a challenge. We go right from a two hour lecture into a two hour lab session, where we put the lecture knowledge to use. Processing the lecture information and heading right into application of that knowledge didn’t go very well on Thursday. I’m hoping to get the lab information ahead of time in order to understand the tasks and concepts with less of a struggle.

I’ve never been a fan of math unless it was basic plug-and-chug algebra where all you have to do is memorize an equation and then repeatedly put that equation to use with different numbers. I had hoped to either test out of a math credit or have the option of taking statistics because I just completed a stats course a few months ago. As it turned out, I tested just below testing out, but high enough to set me up for calculus. There was no way in hell I was going to take calculus! I figure that I’m not going to be teaching my elementary age students anything more advanced than basic algebra at most. I took ib pre-calc my junior year in high school and found it to be my most difficult class. So, instead of taking calc with all new concepts, I opted to re-take pre-calculus. I had my first class today and I can’t even begin to explain how physically draining math has become for me. My body walked slower and I even talked slower after leaving the class. Walking up the stairs to get back upstairs to the first floor was much harder than I anticipated. I thought my English class would be harder than math. I didn’t think I’d have any brain sleepiness with math concepts, but I think that the critical thinking is challenging more than the subject itself.

I spent several hours in the library yesterday finishing my English homework for this upcoming week. A reading assignment that probably took my classmates twenty minutes took me nearly two hours. I read the text, listened to the text being read aloud online, and went back a third time to re-annotate the chapters. Afterwards I wrote my first blog post for the class blog due Wednesday. Although English is my favorite subject and will likely be my favorite class this semester, I always feel like I need to put extra preparation into the class for fear of slipping up. Tomorrow kicks off my first week of class..dun da da dunn.

I’ve been having really meaningful conversations with a girl on my floor who has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, otherwise known as OI or brittle bone disease. We’ve had various discussions regarding our strengths and weaknesses, owning our conditions, and identifying how we use our disabilities to improve our communities. She made a presentation about the disabled community in class last week and the following quote puts words to something I hadn’t been able to put my finger on to adapt and understand that our condition is simply a part of us, no different than the color of our hair or eyes. It’s normal for us, it’s just different for others.

“Many of you may incorrectly assume my disability is something I have to deal with, as if it’s somehow a problem or an issue I have to address. The only obstacles I have to face are the ones society places in front of me” – a wise young soul

One thought on “Getting Started

  1. Love the last quote. Also, want to let you know that you’re not alone with the slowness after math. I haven’t been doing math, but getting back to work has drained me quickly and humbled me quite a bit. The fatigue makes me suddenly have post op symptoms… or makes them stronger. I speak more slowly, stumble through words, drop things if I try to hold them with my left hand, and my writing gets worse. Looks like I may have to actually nap midday to stay stronger and avoid discombobulation. Or at least slow myself and do a quick meditation or something. Not sure if you do prayer or meditation, but there are some great free apps that I like. “Take A Break’ is one and it has a purple icon of a woman’s face in the app store. 🙂

    Glad you found a kindred spirit! So helpful.


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