Move-in Day

I expected mobs of people and a ton of noise for move-in day seeing as their are 50,000+ students in total, and I’m living on the main campus. Surprisingly, the whole move-in process was actually quiet and well organized to the point where I only saw maybe five other people moving into their room at the same time as me. Each floor must have had their own designated time. It makes sense that they would, seeing as my check-in time was at 1pm. It was nice to set everything up and get that all out of the way with the help of my sister and parents. They’re super star organizers. 

I hit a mental wall towards the end of unpacking. I rested my head against my bed and just stayed quiet until my Dad suggested that they leave so that I could take a break. I think all of the new things at once were an overload..sometimes when there is too much to think about at once I just have to step back from the situation and regain my energy. Ever since surgery it drains my energy to even talk or think. Given that the left insula deals with speech and language, I’m not too surprised. Where to get food, how to navigate the bikers flooding the main walkway, what time the floor meeting is etc. was all just too much to process at once.

With that being said, I’m laying in my bed typing this up while it’s fresh in my mind. I can hear other people on the floor getting to know each other as they pass by my door. Womp womp.

I was going to snooze right after ^that^ text actually but then my roommate came by and we went out to walk around a bit. I’ll step up my socialization game for the welcome party later tonight when my energy rebounds even more. Toodles.

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